The Scholarship Academy is committed to offering concrete tools to help students take ownership of their financial future. Our 12-session curriculum was designed to complement existing college preparatory efforts. Our program model is a tiered approach to:

LEARN (Scholarship Prep Institute Tab):

Equip college advisors/mentors with the appropriate technological tools to help students build scholarship portfolios, track their overall debt reduction and increase their eligibility for scholarships/internships via our Virtual Scholarship Center

DO (Scholarship Boot Camp and Scholarship Pop-Up Labs Tabs)

Directly empower students with solid leadership, civic engagement and entrepreneurial skills that will overshadow their academic, and socioeconomic challenges and position them for scholarship success

TRACK: (Virtual Scholarship Center)

Create a community of engaged accountability partners or “Scholarship Mentors” through strategic partnerships with local scholarship-granting organizations and young professional associations


During this full day session, our trained staff and volunteers will set up “Scholarship Prep Stations” to work one-on-one with students to help them create BRAG Project Action plans, 4-year college funding plans, and on-the-spot essay reviews…


The Scholarship Boot Camp (3-4 hours) explores opportunities for students to create pathways to scholarship success...

The Scholarship Workbook

The Scholarship Academy has developed a unique Scholarship Workbook, complete with curriculum activities such as scholarship scavenger hunts along with weekly assignments for students to complete...

The Scholarship Fair

The Scholarship Fair is an annual event in partnership with Gates Millennium, Posse Scholars, and a host of local Scholarship providers to introduce students to viable scholarship options from corporations offering major-specific awards and local scholarship providers...

Our Scholarship Blueprint Course

This year-long (can be altered for one-semester) course includes full implementation of our , 12 Scholarship Preparatory Sessions, Virtual Scholarship Center Access and one-on-one 4-year college funding plan supports.

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