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Using our Virtual Scholarship Center, Scholarship Academy students receive an average of 8 hours of intense scholarship preparatory support, and build innovative “scholarship brag projects” that increase their eligibility for top dollar awards. The result? Scholarship Academy students are learning how to negotiate their financial aid packages, manage their financial awards (in preparation for tuition increases), and independently navigate the private scholarship market beyond our support, tools that reduce debt and increase the likelihood of graduation, in spite of the familial dynamics that typically halt matriculation.Since our inception in 2006, we’ve helped students secure more than $15 million in private funding sources (average student GPA is a 2.75).  On average, our students reduce their loan debt by $14,000.

Key Features of The Virtual Scholarship Center Include:

  • Tailored Scholarship Curriculum To Help Students Build Their Eligibility Using Entrepreneurial Concepts
  • Debt-Tracking Functions to Challenge Families to Create 4-Year College funding Strategies
  • Games/Quizzes To Increase  Financial Aid Awareness
  • Advanced Scholarship Matching Function That is Based on Local, State and Regional Funding Opportunities instead of difficult to navigate national, generic awards
  • Comprehensive evaluation tools for parents and guidance counselors to manage student scholarship portfolios, match students to appropriate college funding resources and track their overall financial aid progress.
  • Mobile Application Integration for Automated Alerts/Financial Aid Reminders with Mass Texting Capabilities
  • Integrated Google Hangouts and Google Calendars to Enhance Guidance Counselor Interaction
  • On-Demand Training Videos for Parents and Guidance Counselors

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